Our history

It all began

1924 Mesfruits


Fernand Mestre marries Léa Donat, he crossed the Durance and moves into the family in-laws cradle in Vignères.

1924 Mesfruits


From arborist in the Bouches-du-Rhône (1.5 ha of peach tree), he becomes a farmer grower on 3.6 Ha with, as starting vine varieties, Chasselas and Gros vert. A new family adventure begins then … with a new job comes a new style.


At the end of the harvest of autumn 1930, Fernand and Léa purchase 6 ha of land on the banks of the Durance and plant in the spring their first pear orchard (Guyot and Williams).

1934 Mesfruits


Yvette takes Annie’s hand, who will become Mrs. Reynaud.

1940 Mesfruits


After having two daughters Annie and Yvette, Fernand and Léa have a boy, René. Parents are overjoyed. René’s first handicrafts in 1942: “Feeding the chickens! “

1956 Mesfruits


What a joy to leave school … unfortunately the frost of 1956 destroyed all the vineyards.

1957 Mesfruits


Planting the first Golden apple hectare and return to the cultivation of melons.

1958 Mesfruits


René very proud of his first car: a Renault 4CV from 0 to 80 km / h in 3 minutes!

1960 Mesfruits


The first trellised forms are emerging. Modernization of packaging and emergence of the first Calibrex.

1960 Mesfruits


First trademark of Fernand ” Le moineau” Guyots pears are exported to the markets of Paris.

1967 Mesfruits


Wedding of René MESTRE with Marie-Christine Robert, and Jacques’ birth.

1973 Mesfruits


Birth of François, first planting of Granny, construction of the first cold storage in a controlled atmosphere and emergence of wood bins.

1982 Mesfruits


Calibration modernized: first installation of a weight grading RHODA and acquisition of Lapalud property.

1989 Mesfruits


Jacques must renounce an international career as a professional skier and thus settles as arboriculturist. To comfort him his parents bought him 30 ha of orchards in Beaucaire.

1994 Mesfruits


Après avoir raté le concours de la gendarmerie puis celui de l’armée de l’air François s’installe avec déjà la volonté de promouvoir la marque MESFRUITS® dans l’Europe.

1997 Mesfruits

1997 – 1998

To welcome our first MAF presizing we had to completely reconfigure the station. The work lasted more than 6 months and we migrated in our neighbor to maintain activity.

2006 Mesfruits


Inauguration of new premises and warehouses.

2008 Mesfruits


Acquisition of refrigeration warehouses in St. Andiol. Implementation of dynamic CA.

2011 Mesfruits


Installing the 2nd presizing MAF and acquisition of ownership of Manosque in the Alps.

2014 Mesfruits


Mesfruits it’s you, it’s us.

2014 Mesfruits


Discovery of a new planet that has been running for 90 years!