Our orchards

Before planting

We select apple varieties which are most suited to our production areas so that they express all their potential taste.

After planting

We have to wait 3-4 years for our orchards to come into production.

In winter

We prune our apple trees to select fruit bearing branches.

In spring

We monitor flowering: bees pollinate flowers.

At this stage, we make a first thinning to optimize the amount of fruits per branch.

We use integrated pest management which allows us to fight the attacks of pests or diseases using auxiliary or techniques known as biocontrol.

We use insect traps that tell us about the density of pests to adapt our care.

June : eve of harvest

In June, we proceed to a qualitative thinning to make certain fruits fall to promote uniform growth of others.


Depending on the degree of maturity, we pick apples in bins and then bring them into our warehouse where they will be packaged carefully in box, trays, bags, … to meet the tastes and desires of each!



Our quality process




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