Our warehouse

The acceptance

We test all fruit reception function of visual and taste quality (color, health status, size, sugar content, firmness …).


For this, the station is equipped with a refractometer (sugar) penetrometer (firmness), board caliber …


Our warehouse is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of preservation (controlled atmosphere, dynamic CA, ULO and extreme ULO, …) to maintain optimum quality and flavor preservation!

Presizing Unit

Our warehouse is equipped with 2 of the latest presizing units. They enable us to sort fruit according to their weight, their color and also their health status.

All this to ensure a healthy fruit and quality adapted to the regulations and expectations of our customers.


According to orders we package the fruit into trays, boxes, bags, trays and bushels.


In trays or bushels, we have a cardboard plate to prevent apples shocks.


It operates from orchards to basket at each step of the process to guarantee the origin and quality of the fruit



Our quality process




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